Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Rod Filbrandt
Clip-on God Faces
Ink and Tone Posted by Hello

Kipling West
The Light that Failed
Acrylic on paper

"I think if I were Godzilla, I'd want to trash a Kinkade lighthouse. And invite my friends." Posted by Hello

Robert Rini
Twilight Rider
Acrylic, gesso, over Kinkade Posted by Hello

Monday, July 12, 2004

More Reviews!

The Reviews Are Coming In!

"It was a good concept, but not all that great in execution."

Painter of Light Thomas Kinkade (L at podium) with Painters of Blight co-Curators Erin Norlin, David Miller and Kipling West Posted by Hello

In answer to many comments and questions, the picture is NOT a Photoshop job; the photo is genuine, taken in Seattle during Thom's "whistlestop tour" last Novemeber. He actually did pose with us, but the moron with the camera decided to take her sweet fucking time taking the picture, at which point he'd gotten bored and moved on to the next fan.

Claire Johnson
Beyond Summer Gate (Level Orange)
oil on paper mounted on panel
24” x 22”

Summer is the season of color. The full range of nature's rainbow hues are on display in this floral paradise. In Beyond Summer Gate (Level Orange) the cool, comforting light of Freedom surrounds us inviting us to stroll the grounds before we settle in for some tea and talk, knowing we are safe from those who wish to harm us (between the hours of 11am and 10pm, security clearance required, trespassers will be detained.) I hope you will join me. Posted by Hello

Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Kamala Dolphin Kingsley
A Foul Wind is Brewing
acrylic, glitter, dead bugs & detritus on T.K. calendar page
12" x 13.5"

When I think of blight, pestilence, and the end of times, I imagine my foul little dog Ziggy enshrouding the earth with a wretched blast of his infamously poisonous gas. And what better to 'highlight' a T.K. painting with, I ask you? Posted by Hello

Kamilla White & Cliff Hare
No Rapture For Anyone
Acrylic on canvas
18'" x 24" Posted by Hello

Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Tom Bagley Posted by Hello

Jack T. Chick
Acrylic on canvas
A portrait of the reclusive cartoonist. Posted by Hello

Sunday, July 04, 2004

Patrick Moriarity
Christmas Blight
24” x 20”
Bleakly based on the Thomas Kinkade Calendar's December painting, Memories of Christmas
 Posted by Hello

Robert Hardgrave
The Fall of the Aspen Chapel
Mixed Media
16" x 24"
Revelation 16:8 : �The fourth angel poured out his bowl on the sun, and the sun was given power to scorch people with fire.�
Highlighting The Aspen Chapel by Thomas Kinkade. Posted by Hello

David R. Drake
Minimum Chick panels 1 & 3
Paint on panel
23 units, each unit 12" x 24" x 3"
'’ve processed scans of Jack T. Chick’s 1976 tract, The Contract!, using a mosaic filter set to maximum cell size. This converts each page to a minimum number of monochrome blocks, producing a kind of map of the original image. By reducing the tract to a near-minimum of information, the denotative and connotative meanings of the original are lost. Chick’s melodramatic conversion narrative vanishes, along with Carter's line art, and the layers of race/class/ethnicity subtext. What remains is still correlated with the original, as any given tract would produce a unique set of panels. However, this conversion is strictly one-way: unlike John Freeman’s soul, the lost information cannot be regained.  Posted by Hello

Bonni Reid Posted by Hello
By February
Mixed Medium

Saturday, July 03, 2004

Benton Peugh
Nuclear Winter, or Why are the flowers blooming in the snow?
24" x 26"
mixed media
In order to "highlight" the January image of Thomas Kinkaid and allow for the true light source of the painting, I have added a nuclear reactor cooling tower it the background, deepened the shadows, and given the scene a green glow. So, why are those flowers blooming anyway?

Highlighting Cobblestone Bridge by Thomas Kinkade.
 Posted by Hello

Jim Blanchard
Men's Adventure in The Land Of Light
Adobe Photoshop
11� x 13�
"Kinkade's use of garish color and over-dramatized lighting immediately brings to mind the lurid quality of "pulp"/movie poster/men's magazine illustration. I couldn't resist taking the opportunity to people one of his placid landscapes with characters from covers of assorted Men's Magazines from the 1950s and 60s. They seem to fit right in!"
Highlighting Streams of Living Water by Thomas Kinkade. Posted by Hello

Johnny Ryan
Somebody Goofed
Ink & Watercolor on Bristol Board
6" x 8" Posted by Hello

Jesus Fish
Ink, Watercolor on Paper
5" x 7" Posted by Hello

Mark Reusch
Mister Stofalees' Eternal Twirler
11" x 14"
acrylic and fluorescent paint on Bristol
This painting is based on the Black Cat Burlesque act my partner Miss Firecracker and I recently performed at the Coolidge Corner Theatre's "Banned in Boston show. Travelling salesman Mister Stofalees convinces dumpy Miss Faust to sell her soul to become a burlesque star. Transformed, she wows the crowd with her turbo-tassle-twirling skills but is soon dragged off to Hell when Mephistopheles returns for her. Our demonic Boston Terrier, Frankenstein, completes this family portrait. Posted by Hello

Marion Peck and Special Guest.
"Golden Stream"
Giclee on archival paper12" x 13 1/2"
 Posted by Hello

Title: Jesus Delivers
Writer: Jim Woodring, Artist: David Lasky
Medium: ink on bristol
Dimensions: 11 x 14" (16 pages)

Description: Published as a mini comic by Starhead Comics. It is intended to be used as a trade-back for religious pamphelets, expecially Chick tracts. Publisher Michael Dowers had to face a few fanatical Christians while selling "Jesus Delivers" at Bumbershoot.

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Jed Dunkerly
Further Clarification (When we say "Savior" we mean "Jesus")
Ink on paper Posted by Hello

Thursday, July 01, 2004

Welcome to Painters of Blight!


Curated by Erin Norlin, David Miller and Kipling West

Two Night Only! Friday July 9 and Saturday July 10
Opening Reception: Friday, July 9, 6:00 - 10:00 pm
Saturday hours 2-6

Roq la Rue Gallery ~ 2316 Second Avenue, Seattle, WA 98121

For two days only, Painters of Blight will occupy Roq la Rue Gallery, featuring two dozen artists paying tribute to the work of Thomas Kinkade and Jack T. Chick. Don't blink and miss it!

Renowned and beloved as the "Painter of Light," Thomas Kinkade is America's best-selling fine artist. One who purchases a reproduction of one of Mr. Kinkade's paintings may elect to have their purchase brought to life by a Kinkade-trained Master Highlighter, who adds color and definition with oil paint, truly bringing the lithographs to "light." In that spirit, artists Jim Blanchard, Kamala Dolphin-Kingsley, Robert Hardgrave, Claire Johnson, Charles Krafft, Pat Moriarity, Erin Norlin, Marion Peck, Benton Peugh, Robert Rini, Bonni Reid, Mark Ryden and Kipling West have highlighted pages from the Thomas Kinkade Painter of Light® with Scripture: 2004 Deluxe Wall Calendar, in their own distinct styles.

Jack T. Chick is one of the most prolific Christian evangelists in America, spreading the good news of Jesus Christ and bad news of eternal damnation though 3" x 5", 24-page comic book tracts, and his black and white shockers form the perfrect counterpioint to Kinkade's lust pastorals. Since 1961 he has created 175 proselytizing tracts, which have had more than 500,000,000 copies published in over 100 languages worldwide. Artists Tom Bagley, David R. Drake, Jed Dunkerly, Nathan Eyring, Rod Filbrandt, Cliff Hare, David Lasky, Deborah F Lawrence, Eric Reynolds, Johnny Ryan and Kamilla White have each created work inspired by Chick.

For further information or images contact: David Miller at 206-909-6770 or paintersofblight@comcast.net.