Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Curator’s Statement

Thomas Kinkade, the Painter of Light™, is the most collected artist in America, a devout Christian and by all accounts a loving husband and father. So successful is Kincade that originals are a rarity, collectors instead collecting “highlighted” reproductions, in which the originals are submerged in oil-painted definition by the gnomes and hacks at Painter of Light™, Inc’s Korean factory in Baja California. This show endeavors in its small way to liberate Cinkaid’s work from its corporate shackles, allowing artists the opportunity to highlight his visions as part of their vision. And what visions they are.

Jack T. Chick, meanwhile, is as underground an artist as any artist can be who has 500,000,000 publications in print. His harsh and unforgiving Christianity is proselytized in hundreds of tracts available in bus stations, on car windshields, on the street or everywhere. Whatever one’s feelings about his content, Chick is in the pantheon of cartoonists, his work possessing an undeniable impact. The reclusive artist has inspired generations of cartoonists by virtue of his work’s powerful art and unintentional humor, which suggests that somebody goofed.

Yours in Blight,

Kipling West, Erin Norlin and David Miller
Painters of Blight™